Begin Being Gin – Get to Know Me

cropped-illustration-home-01.pngHey! Thanks for visiting my blog! Grab a biscuit and get cosy because disclaimer, I’m not good at keeping things short and sweet! I thought I’d share the behind the scene of what made me want to blog so please keep reading.

My name is Gina or as my friends (one cousin but go with it!) call me Gin. I decided I wanted a anon platform alongside my other anonymous social media pages as I found that the internet is a big scary place and I’m a 2 out of 10 with makeup and in the minus spectrum without! So I found myself forcing various good sounding rhymes and possible blog names together and trying to fit myself around the slogan, which I discovered was a dangerous path to go down. I didn’t want to be another girl posting a no bloat tea review or falling into the stereotype blogging and social media world of the generic posts. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good makeup tutorial but I’m no makeup artist and there are plenty of people that know more about that. But what do I know a lot about? I’m an 18 year old living in London yet don’t live the high life, could easily win a reward for staying in bed the longest, lost my life to my A Levels which wiped away every ounce of socialising I did and now it’s over I don’t quite know how to have a conversation other than “how was your exam?” and also consider a chocolate orange as one of my five a day! This either sounds extremely pathetic or totally relatable, or both but this is what I know. I wanted to write about what I know and have personally experienced, which I’ll get to later on in hope that people can relate to me and if not, get a different perspective. In the 21st century it is scary how easy and how many people my age fall into the pressure of faking this glamorous life as they believe it is the norm, and I don’t mean by posting a one-off Instagram in a bikini of a before and after tensing, I mean a whole blog dedicated to being me and being honest about who I am. So essentially I wanted to begin being Gin, hence the beGin meaning to start but also meaning being me. And if you had to fetch a bucket because you thought that was cringe, just be happy you didn’t hear my other ideas!!

On the right of the page includes a brief bio of myself which I’m tempted to print on a t-shirt for those relatives you see twice a year. You know the ones who call you your sibling names, tell you how much you look like your mum (not a compliment) and ask if you have a boyfriend? Them. Well if you’re reading I’m studying Marketing, Advertising and Branding, no I don’t want to be a doctor, yes I’m single and no I’m Gina, you’re getting me confused with the cat (true story). But in all seriousness, as this blog is me sharing my experiences which are mundane yet relatable, here is what you should expect.

1) I survived A Levels. Yes there were tears, arguments, funny stories but I MADE IT! I have some top tips and things I wish I did differently in hope that they don’t reduce your life span as much as it did for me!

2) My backstory of my backstory. I have scoliosis and had a spinal fusion at 14. I have a bucket load of stories, advice and essential tips for recovery which I aim to share on this blog. Although this is a niche topic I wish I had a blog that I could read when I experienced my operation from a teenagers perspective and not a surgeon as I’ve always got your back!

3) I live in the COOLEST city in the world and want to do my best to share my top tips and what it’s like! I’ve been the tourist, office worker and also the tour guide so I have a fair share of recommendations to post. I’ve also been lucky enough to go on some amazing holidays and would love to share my research, photos and advice for tourists too!

4) I’m going to university in September 2017 and want to share my tips for getting into university, breaking the barrier of studying subject based courses to vocational degrees, fresher’s insight, dorm must haves ect. I cannot wait for this next chapter to start and I’m a research freak and a planner so I personally think I can cover a lot! The people around me would probably describe me as an over achiever! I plan, research and record everything. So you can trust that I’ve price matched the ASDA cheese grater price with 5 other supermarkets so don’t you worry!

5) I HATE being on camera. I love everything about videoing, editing, intros, outros, popups ect. but hate showing my face on camera which is pretty annoying but I love to help other people out with their channel, so if you’re interested my email is attached in the contacts section of this blog. I also love designing anything and gave myself the challenging task of making a blog from scratch using a combination of Adobe Muse for the design and WordPress for the blog. Don’t ask why I couldn’t decide on the vast choice available and already programmed, but I’m glad I challenged myself to do something completely new and self taught myself how to make a website from scratch. I know this blog has been a long time coming but bare in mind I redrafted my logo 4 times and decided that I didn’t like any fonts available on Illustrator, Typekit or online so adapted and made my own font. My middle names extra. It’s not. It’s Leanne!

6) I’m a die hard arsenal fan. Not one of those football fans who only support the team on a north London derby because their dad happens to have it on the TV. I know the offside rule, every chant and will be marrying one of them, I promise!

7) However, I can also talk makeup, fashion and skincare too. I know that contradicts the beginning of this post but I aim to talk about my skincare routine, makeup tips and style and not post generic beauty posts which a million people already have posted better.

That’s all for now!

Always got your back,

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