University must haves that you’ll probably forget!

An adventure is about to begin!

I’m starting university on the 16th of September and I thought I’d start the uni blogs off with essentials. I know it’s a little weird considering that I’m only going into my first year but I’m the do-it-all girl. The one who’s spoken to people in university, watched all the YouTube videos, searched for advice on Pinterest and did most of her shopping before she had her A level results, I’ve even gone as far as price matching cheese graters! I have a list as long as my arms (which are really long as my body resembles Mr. Tickles (see scoliosis blog posts!) and there’s quite a few things that could easily been forgotten yet I can imagine becoming extremely handy in university so I thought I’d share with you below.

  1. The meningitis injection. If there is one thing you’re going to do from the blog or should do before university it is this one. Meningitis is a life threatening disease which mainly occurs for people around the university age and it is also caught in close proximities, like university halls or lectures. The Men ACWY vaccine is a single injection in your arm which prevents meningitis and septicaemia and is available for free at your GP. It is also offered to first time students under the age of 25. I had my jab done at the start of the summer and I don’t particularly like injections but it was quick, easy and pain free!
  2. The second most important thing is a colander. Because pasta. If you’re anything like me and will be living of Birdseye fish finger kids meals for the next 3 to 4 years, your food options are limited. But a colander is a must for cooking pasta (and salads, which it was never used for!)
  3. Tupperware, for either when you make too much pasta (is that possible?) or you want to shove it in the fridge to eat for the next 4 meals. Also, my accommodation is 45 minutes from the university campus and I only have 1 hour for lunch, so packed lunch will probably be the best option and save some money too.
  4. A water bottle. Again, this saves money from plastic bottles but if you’re like me and constantly have your parents telling you how you’re going to die from dehydration, you can trick them into thinking you’ll actually drink to get them off your back!
  5. A door stop. Everyone I’ve spoken to who has been to university says this is a bigger freshers necessity than a bottle of vodka. Propping your door open for the first week or two is the best way to make friends and show that you’re welcoming.
  6. Home comforts. A cactus and a mason jar filled with fairy lights aren’t exactly essentials but you do want something to make you’re room fill more like a home. I’m a little ashamed to admit that I may have purchased a pack of fairy light string with clips for photos but it’s only because they were on the clearance rail in Tesco and looked lonely! I also printed 50 photos from photobox for free and only paid for delivery as it was my first order with them (no sponsor or affiliate!)
  7. Batteries, for the fairy lights and all the other random items you never knew needed batteries! You’re officially an adult when you buy your own double A’s and I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that lifestyle.
  8. An extension lead. You never know how many plug sockets your room will have or if your phone charger will reach your bed and that’s terrifying to a 18 year old. Can you imagine how good an advert of an extension lead could be and how dramatic they could make it, haha?!
  9. Following on from this, a portable charger is a staple. Someone’s phone always runs out in the club and how will you be able to post snapchats of Beth finally getting with Harry if you don’t have charge? That’s a risk I’m not willing to take.
  10. Swiftly leading on from the clubbing scene, painkillers is a must (along with any other medication you need). Freshers flu is not something to be taken lightly and I have a feeling that quite a few people will be waking up and taking nurofen in the first week for uni!
  11. Fancy dress costumes will probably come in handy at some point at university. Whether that’s glitter, a cowboy hat or some school uniform that you’ve still never grown into, it may be useful to take it with and rock up with your rolled up skirt and not get a detention for it!
  12. Documents. Seriously, this may actually be useful! Make sure you bring some form of ID for nights out, your acceptance letter, accommodation information, student finance documents ect. as it has come the time that you need to look after these scary and important pieces of paper, that you’ll most likely never be able to find.
  13. An airer to dry your clothes on if you don’t have or want to save money and not tumble dry your clothes. Also, a pop up washing bin is perfect to convince yourself that you won’t have a floordrobe, even though you most definitely will in week 3 and it will soon be replaced with that designated chair that everyone has in their room which contains the pile of clean clothes that have been in the last three washes and still not be worn, but you’re too lazy to put it away. If you know, you know.

That’s all for now and I’m sure there will be many more tips and tricks I learn the hard way in my first year!

Always got your back,


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