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Things No One Tells You About Univeristy

Today’s blog post is a continuation of “The Truth About University” blog I wrote back in my first semester, so if you haven’t’ given it a read please do!

As I’ve made a full recovery from freshers’ flu, here are some more things I’ve learnt whilst at university that I didn’t expect to learn. I would also just like to add that don’t let my pessimistic, cynical British sense of humour make you think I’m not having a good time, because this girl is THRIVING, however it’s not exactly like everyone makes out. It isn’t all boys and booze, all nighters and I am yet to see a unicorn, but I have seen my fair share of out-of-date milk, chicken nuggets and mental breakdowns (mostly my own!)

First things first, you will not like everyone in your flat! The way my halls of residence work in the first year is that we all have our own rooms and en suites but share a kitchen between seven of us. Although I have met the loveliest people and have some super special flatmates, there are also a few people that you just won’t get on with. It seems to be standard that every flat has at least one fuck boy doing sports management, at least one quiet shy soul studying cyber security who doesn’t leave their room but occasionally washes up your glass and the rest are slightly normal! You will argue over who’s raw meat is in the sink, who’s vomited in the bin and you will soon experience your first sight of bin juice, which I never realised even existed! But all jokes aside, there is no experience quite like halls and you’ve just got to accept the facts, put on your Marigolds and clean up after people, whether you like it or not. (Side note: if ITV are looking for a new video idea, then film the Love Island equivalent in University halls, there may be less bikinis but definitely more walks of shame!!)

This one may be the most important thing I’ve learnt at university after sanitising the floor of bin juice and that is the impact of mental health and homesickness. It doesn’t matter whether you are having the time of your life at uni, EVERYONE gets homesick and everyone has good and bad days. I personally feel like my emotions, whether high or low are multiplied by 100 at uni. I mean this makes sense when you realise you’re living alone, yet with your friends, you’re responsible for cooking, cleaning, working, managing your time and online shopping! Every aspect of your life is in this bubble and as soon as one thing doesn’t go right, you immediately wish you were back in your comfort zone, at home, with your mum to sort out all your issues. But tell Karen to hold the line and take a step back to realise how bloody lucky you are to be at university! I truly believe that the biggest issue at university is people have this unwritten pressure to be happy all day every day because everyone tells you how “it’s the best time of your life” and of course in 40 years time you’ll remember the time you made your friend a G-Daddy account or when your flat all watched three hours of Vine, but it can’t be like that all the time. At home, you know it isn’t fun every second of the day so don’t think that uni should be either. Whether it’s mental health in terms of anxiety and depression, or feeling anxious and depressed or having down days, remember that every issue can be worked out and there are people in place to support you.

Budgeting AND Ballin’: I know it sounds super naive considering I’m over £9,000 in debt but with the student loan in the UK you really don’t have to be broke if you budget. Yes plenty of people are in their overdraft but if you go out a reasonable amount, and budget weekly then you don’t need to be worried about the debt and the financial horror stories. (You only pay back your loan after you earn a certain amount so although it is a lot of dosh, the system is pretty good!) Personally, I’ve never been richer because of it! Also, being stingy is the best! For example, last week instead of paying £3 for a sledge from Wilko to use in the snow, we used our baking trays! Think practical kids and ignore the slight issue that my tray has bent in the middle and my chicken nuggets now fall off into the oven every time. It’s fine, I’m fine!!

That’s all for now folks and I’ll be back sharing my uni gossip, advice and tricks soon!

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2 thoughts on “Things No One Tells You About Univeristy

  1. What a great post! I completely agree that you won’t always love all of your roommates. I surely didn’t when I was in college. However, it’s a great way to learn to compromise and to live with others. So, while I didn’t love the experience I am thankful for the things that it taught me.


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