University Room – Ballin’ on a Budget

As university season is about six weeks/two months away I thought I’d share how I decorated my uni room in my first year and what I’m planning for my second! One of the most exiting things about going to uni for me was decorating a new bedroom as I’m super into interior. Also, my room at home has purple heart wallpaper, blue carpet and butterfly duvet covers so I was exciting for a clean sheet (literally!), especially as my halls of residence were brand new, white and no one peed in my shower!

20170927_123146 (1).jpg


Above I’ve included some snaps of my uni room which I absolutely loved! I’ve also realised that I did not take nearly enough photos and only took them on move in day when everything was an utter mess! My OCD and myself sincerely apologise. I really advise making your room as homely and comfortable as possible as it is the only space that’s completely yours. Also, it can also feel quite lonely in your room especially when your mum isn’t walking in every 5 minutes with clean washing, so I personally think you should make it as nice as possible as you’ll be living, sleeping, working and potentially eating in there!

First things first, get a colour scheme! Mine was grey with pink accents (and blue) as I didn’t want it to look too childish yet still wanted a modern and girly vibe! I took two different beddings so it was easier when washing: one grey and pink, from Asda, that I can’t seem to link 😦 and one blue from Sainsbury’s. Bedding was a stressful process to find a cheap double (my bed was a small double) but I recommend looking at Primark, Argos, Wilko, Dunelm (which sell small double sheets!), and the sale of Debenhams, M&S, John Lewis, H&M, Next Home and Zara Home. Also, it may be a good idea to buy two of one as I couldn’t find another set until the last minute and had to go for the blue colour theme :/

Some essentials I recommend are cushions (pink one is from Tesco and grey ones from Primark), a throw (Primark), Fairy Lights (mine were clipped strings lights from Tesco (Tiger also do) – I recommend Polaroid sized pictures for this), photos (I used PhotoBox and a discount code!), bath mat if you have an en suite, pop up laundry basket (Primark) and make up storage (Amazon).

Some non essentials but really make your room are fake plants, signs/boards, ring trays ect., totally not necessary so buy cheap from Tiger, Primark, Wilko, Poundland ect.

Below I’ve attached some of my fave things, along the same style to my room!

Happy browsing!!


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