What to Bring to University

When it comes to packing for uni, there seems to be two types of people. The first has the colour-coded packing list, a colour scheme and has to do 10 trips from the car and back, and the second type comes with beers, a pillow and borrows their flatmates belongings on day two. I doubt I’ll be able to change these mentalities but I’m going to give you our best advice, and hopefully you’ll leave or take something from this and home!

Useful items:

  • A colander – if you think you’ll be cooking anything but pasta then you’re lying to yourself.
  • Push pins – every room comes with a notice board so it’s a perfect way to put pictures up, especially as you’re not supposed to stick things on the wall
  • An Airer/Clothes Horse – washing is pricey so the more you save on the tumble dryer, the more shots at Moos
  • Medicine – you may not think you’ll need paracetamol but with the combination of freshers’ and induction week, I’d highly recommend!
  • Ready meals – again, freshers’ is super busy so I recommend easy meals for the first few weeks as cooking takes some getting use to!
  • Plastic cups – useful for pres!
  • Photos, cushions, throws ect. – anything that makes your room more homely really helps!
  • Pizza tray
  • Patterned plates –  the more unique the design, the less you’ll confuse them with your flatmates!
  • Batteries

I’ve also put together a packing list which will hopefully come in handy!

packing listblog.png

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