Life Update: It Was Worth It

On my last blog post, I wrote about how I am trying my best to accept the uncertainty of things outside of my control, as the most pivotal moments in my life have not been planned. Before coming back to my second year of university, I spent summer planning my ideal, from additional modules with another course I was really desperate to do or the dream boy. Whelp, within the first two weeks of uni, the module got cancelled and he got a girlfriend… whoop go me!! But honestly, THANK GOD, because I don’t seem to have a spare second to breathe with uni assignments and internship applications.

My course allows for a sandwich year, whereby you do a placement in your third year, meaning my degree will be four years. I’ve always known I wanted to do one but pretty much all my closest friends haven’t bothered. If you know me at uni then you know I have the closest friendship group and I honestly don’t think I would still be at uni if it wasn’t for them, so the thought of my final year without them, whilst they all graduate without me, scared the shit out of me. Also, I had to apply for about 50 internships and didn’t know where I’d be living, who with, if I would get rejected and then live alone ect. and for someone who likes to plan what she is having for breakfast (which is the same every day!), it wasn’t easy.

However, everything is coming up milhouse! This week I got offered my dream internship at a global cosmetics company. Although I am now counting down my lasts with them I cannot express how important it is to be selfish at uni. I truly could not have made better friends but you need to remind yourself that this is your degree and future, and yes graduation ball together is a super special moment for the ‘gram, but it is a good thing I can use photoshop!

Anyways, if someone thought I was worth it, then so are you! 😉

Always got your back,


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