Tinder Tactics

Since starting my second year of uni, I decided to join Tinder for a bit of a laugh and because I friendzoned all the boys I already knew! I was a pretty independent, four walls up girl when starting off, mainly looking for a relationship, but also not ready to jump into anything fast. As of now, my Tinder is mainly used as a social experiment! I’m going to be starting a big girl job soon and moving home, so when I’m on Tinder at uni, it’s mainly to feel the time void and just to have a laugh!

To give you a bit of a love life live bio, I’m not a casual sex gal, nothing against it and if you are then I’m vicariously living through you, but not my thing! I’m also a horrific flirt and normally just end up being mates with guys, for them to then ask me out, and me say no because I don’t want to ruin the friendship. I get stressed out watching more than one Netflix programme at a time as I’m too loyal for my own good and get attached to dogs in parks, so Tinder was an interesting download! So from my research of Tinder, I have conducted some unwritten rules all men abide to…enjoy

  1. In almost 50% of bios, ‘*insert height* because apparently it matters’ exists, usually alongside ‘here for a good time, not a long time’…
  2. A big group of mates in every photo, to the point where you have to play ‘Where’s Wally’ to find out what guy holding the WKD the profile belongs to.
  3. Know the difference between cocky and confidence when writing your bio/choosing your pictures. Every girl gets that rush of excitement when you match with a David Lloyd gym lad, all six pack and protein powder, to get the same copy and pasted wink and tounge emojis alongside a request for some pics to add to his collection. On your own there mate, soz.
  4. The first snapchat either consists of a photo of the bottom right quarter of his face, a smirk/jaw line if they’re feeling generous. OR the worst, a photo of their ceiling!! I hate sending selfies so please just go to chat! I’m also not the type of girl who always has to be wearing makeup and all, but if you’re a guy who I don’t know in person, I want to have at least some concealer on in the first picture! So chat is the way to go!
  5. Every guy has the same grey checked bedding from Wilko in the background of their first snap.
  6. A photo of a dog is appreciated, but honestly over done. *cue hate!!*
  7. 75% of messages end up with a guy asking you on a date, and it all happens way to quickly for me. How do you know from a ‘hi, how are you’ chat that you aren’t going to waste a full face of makeup and a 2 hour evening when meeting up? I’ve only met up with one guy from Tinder and personally like talking to people for a while before meeting as I get super nervous! I know most people are the opposite though!
  8. 50% of guys ask for nudes, or their first snapchat is a unwanted dick pic. Does provide nightly entertainment for my flatmates though!
  9. I HATE when people ask what I’m looking for! Other than Ruben Loftus-Cheek I really don’t know!
  10. Every guy replies to the question above with ‘just want to see where things go’. If you want casual sex then just say, and all the guys that say they want a relationship will be asking for a booty call 30 minutes later!

I’m sure it won’t be long till I have enough content for a part two.

Always got your back,

Gin x

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