One of the first posts I wanted to do when starting this blog three years ago was my OCD story, but its been put on hold for Tinder talks and Uni tantrums due to the more lighthearted and relateable themes, only to make writing this blog now a lot harder! Please bare with me, as… Continue reading OCD


‘Swipe Right’ with Me

Disclaimer: if you’re my parent, stop reading now. As a self proclaimed Hagrid lookalike with a partially bionic spine, the limbs of Mr. Tickles and synicalism derived from a hatred of Disney fairytales, aged four, Tinder was an interesting download. But due to the Asos shopping addiction and the timetabled two hours a week of… Continue reading ‘Swipe Right’ with Me


University Room – Ballin’ on a Budget

As university season is about six weeks/two months away I thought I'd share how I decorated my uni room in my first year and what I'm planning for my second! One of the most exiting things about going to uni for me was decorating a new bedroom as I'm super into interior. Also, my room… Continue reading University Room – Ballin’ on a Budget